Ideal Health Success Stories

The body is designed to gain weight.

Ideal Protein is designed to burn fat.

Lieutenant Dan D.

Rob & Paulette S.

He lost 30 pounds and 21 inches overall in 12 weeks and is back to his high school weight!!!

“When my wife of 50 years was diagnosed with cancer the goals in my life simply changed. The reality was that my one and only goal was to walk with her wherever the Lord was going to take her. After chemo and radiation was completed we were blessed to be able to return to life with a spirit of thankfulness to God and a desire to enjoy life together in a richer more meaningful manner. The health battle had left us both heavier than we had ever been. I was amazed that I was close to 200 pounds. The thought struck me that I weighed nearly a fifth of a ton. Then my wife discovered Ideal Health and Terri through a friend’s recommendation. Our goal was to be together on the road to better health through good nutrition and weight loss. After our first meeting with Terri I was singularly impressed with her knowledge of healthy living through proper nutrition and weight loss and her enthusiasm in helping both of us reach our weight loss goal. After all, she had once been down this road herself. The journey is not always easy. It takes a personal commitment to meet the challenge of making healthy choices that in my case had long been ignored. At times it seemed it would have been easier to walk away but because of Terri’s enthusiasm, products, coaching, and an occasional caring reprimand I have lost 38 pounds. My last doctors appointment was an affirmation that we are on the right road. He was amazed at the weight loss and the improved lab results. And as for my wife, she is now 1 pound from her goal weight and acts and looks like the girl who swept me off my feet over 50 years ago.

Heartfelt thanks to Terri and Ideal Health, we are so blessed to have found you.”

She lost 27 pounds and 22 inches overall in 12 weeks!

“I began my journey with Ideal Health following a recommendation from my physician. At the time, I was trying to recover from fractures of both my right and left pelvis that had resulted from radiation induced osteoporosis and in order to heal the weight needed to come off. Weighing over 180 pounds was not a place I had ever imagined myself being but every time I weighed in at the doctor’s office or looked in the mirror I had to face it. Three words to describe my first meeting with Terri are Knowledge Compassion, and Encouragement. I had tried many times to lose weight and I went up and down like a yoyo. Terri provided me with the knowledge to know why this was happening and how to prevent it from happening again. When I had a week in which I felt I had failed she showed compassionate understanding that lifted me back up. As I have not yet reached my goal she has become my encourager, my own special cheerleader, and always my faith filled coach. With Terri and Ideal Health by my side I WILL reach my goal…after all, I am only 2 pounds away Thank you Terri, you are amazing.”

Jeff S.

“Terri has helped me lose over 100 pounds and counting. She is a great coach, knowledgeable, and truly an expert at what she does.”

LeAnn R.

“My serious weight loss journey started in August of 2018. I have severe osteoarthritis in both of my knees and I was facing the need for knee replacement in both knees at the age of 57. But my orthopedic surgeon would not do surgery until I weighed under 230 pounds—that meant I had to lose at least 60 pounds. In December of 2019, I was down 140 pound. Half of the person I was a year before. No need for knee replacements now!!

I have maintained my weight loss over the last 10 months. Ideal Protein products give me the confidence to travel while knowing I don’t have to worry about getting the nutrients I need to stay strong and keep up with my grandchildren and children. Terri has been great, allowing me to continue to purchase products and giving an occasional pep talk and information to keep me on the right track.

Thanks Terri and Ideal Protein for giving me the tools I need to keep my weight off and to keep my active life.  ”